3 tips to improve internal communication in companies

The success of a company depends on several factors, and this means that the concern of organizations is focused on the external customer. However, it is necessary to take care of the dialogue with human capital.

It is the employees who make the business machine spin through new ideas, excellent service, services provided, and other activities under the responsibility of the hired professionals. Without effective communication, it is impossible to convey what the company expects and listen to the demands of employees. Therefore, internal communication in companies is our subject today.

In this post, we will help you assess whether your company is suited to this reality, and provide tips on how to improve communication. Follow!

How to assess whether internal communication is adequate?

When there is no assessment of the effectiveness of internal communication in companies, problems can arise when it comes to keeping leaders engaged and ensuring that employees deliver what is expected of them.

As much as it may seem that everyone involved with organizational processes is aware of what is expected of each person’s conduct, the reality is often different: the truth is that the company is not communicating properly, using inaccessible language on channels that don’t reach all of your team members.

Fortunately, you can find out if your company’s internal information flow is working the way it should – and it’s simpler than it looks, especially if digital media are used for it.

For example, if your company invests in communication via intranet or corporate blog, you can identify:

  • the number of views for each page;
  • users’ residence time;
  • if there are comments or feedback on the pages;
  • if there are clicks on any suggested links;
  • if the user left the page without navigating the site.

If the number of people is much lower than expected, be sure that this type of choice is not the most appropriate to the profile of your internal audience and maybe the reason that the results are different than expected.

In the case of corporate email, this analysis is even simpler. Just check the open rate of messages and check if the professionals are really accessing the inbox as they should.

These channels do not need to be modified, but it is necessary to invest in strategies that educate the internal public to make use of these tools in the appropriate way.

How to improve a company’s communicative process?

Now that you know how to assess whether your company’s internal communication is appropriate to the profile of your employees, it’s time to check out some valuable tips on how to achieve levels of excellence!

1. Centralize the information disclosure location

When the company does not have an official internal means of communication, sector leaders, directors and those responsible for the human resources department try to solve this problem using several simultaneous channels, such as murals, e-mails, and personal messaging applications.

Although the intentions are best, having multiple emitters can cause confusion and cause interested parties to miss important warnings. That said, it is essential to centralize the location of disclosure of this information, so that professionals have someone to turn to in case of doubts, suggestions or complaints, and managers can request the transmission of their communications.

2. Have an official space for recording information

The above tip leads us to another important point to be highlighted: it is necessary to establish the spaces used so that the internal communication flow can happen in a fluid, transparent, and noiseless way. These places need to be formal and informal.

This means that it is necessary to look for official alternatives to communicate with employees, such as:

  • periodic group and individual meetings;
  • corporate email;
  • corporate chat;
  • internal events held in living spaces;
  • get-togethers outside working hours.

In addition to enabling the exchange of information between the company and its employees, such actions help to strengthen the bonds between the management and the teams, facilitating integration and, consequently, communication.

It is worth remembering that it is important to open space for professionals to express criticism, praise, opinions, and requests to the directors. Only in this way is it possible to adapt the company’s internal actions to the real demands of its human capital, improving talent retention and productivity.

3. Invest in an enterprise application

The popularization of personal messaging applications sets an alert for the corporate world. The exchange of messages on personal smartphones really optimizes the routine, but it can be a trap with regard to the confidentiality of the content and even productivity.

This is because, when opening the application, the user is also faced with personal messages, which can end up causing the attention to be dispersed with subjects that have nothing to do with the work routine. The same goes for confidential conversations, new projects, or important information. In addition, damage to the device or the action of a hacker can put everything at risk.

Today, there are companies that offer corporate messaging applications, bringing the same efficiency and practicality as the platforms used in their personal lives, but with all the security and professionalism necessary for everyday life.

How can imMail help your company?

ImMail is an application for corporate communication that allows companies to standardize, manage, and audit the messages that circulate among employees, ensuring control and security over data and information that must be protected.

Among the differentials, we can highlight:

  • permission for the manager to audit, manage and control the instant communication of the teams;
  • possibility of being installed in the company’s technological infrastructure made available in the cloud, or integrated with internal software.

The functionalities of imMail help internal communication in companies to happen in a transparent and professional manner, helping organizations to regain control that was lost with the popularization of instant messaging applications.

If you were interested in the features offered by imMail, visit our website and check out the different plans available!