Discover the benefits of flexible working hours

The way of working has changed a lot, even to meet the changing needs of professionals. Among the possibilities, flexible working hours and home office are two preferred options – and very beneficial. Basically, the first involves journeys that are set by the employee. The second trend, on the other hand, includes remote work, usually done at home.

Changing the way employees work can generate several advantages and improve business performance. However, it is essential to have good communication solutions in order to align expectations and ensure effectiveness.

To avoid further doubts, discover the benefits of flexible working hours, and explore this alternative!

The growth of the sport around the world

The Home Office Survey 2018, for the month of November, interviewed 315 Brazilian companies. Of the total, 45% offer the home office and 15% are under evaluation. Regarding the workday, partly or totally flexible work is already a reality for 82% of businesses.

In fact, this is a global movement that has been gaining momentum, as 83% of professionals prefer to work from home. In addition, remote work grew 159% worldwide in the last 12 years, and 73% of all teams will have professionals in home office until 2028.

Such flexibility requires new solutions, such as team communication. Thanks to them, it is possible to hold meetings, make alignments, and ensure that the team remains in contact.

The benefits of flexible work hours and home office

Implementing this means of work is mainly a way of adapting to the new needs of the market. It is also a means of being able to meet the interests of the team, which leads to better results. To be convinced once and for all, check out the advantages we have separated over this configuration!

Reduction in the number of absences and delays

Since there is flexibility in schedules, employees adapt to unforeseen circumstances or other needs. This reduces absence due to absences or delays, which increases productivity.

Greater team motivation

This mode favors the balance between personal and professional life, besides bringing more freedom. With this, the team feels more motivated and engages in an intense way.

Reduction of dislocation problems

Thanks to the home office, employees do not have to face traffic and transportation difficulties. With flexible schedules, they can still choose less busy periods, which avoids stress.

Cost reduction with the maintenance of the internal environment

We can also say that flexible working reduces expenses with business space. If most employees work from home, maintenance costs are lower.

Retaining talent

The increase in motivation, productivity, and autonomy culminates in satisfaction. The better the perception of professionals about the workplace, the greater the talent retention and lower the turnover rate.

Reducing the need for overtime

Thanks to flexible schedules and increased productivity, people are able to perform tasks efficiently. With less overtime, both workload and expenses are reduced.

The role of technology in communication

As physical absence is greater in these cases, technology is a great ally to offer integration. And since we talked about communication earlier, it is interesting to bring these two points together.

A dedicated communication application centralizes information, facilitates contact, and guarantees security. In addition, the fact that it can be audited and monitored prevents the leakage of information – a risk that exists with common applications and for personal use. With this adequate exchange of data, performance is favored.

Flexible working is already a reality, both in a day and in the place of work. As this is a trend that will grow more and more, it is worth having specific solutions to improve results, as in communication.

And since this contact is so important, find out how to organize your company’s communication!