imMail becomes the “backbone” of one of the biggest online job fairs in the world.

The Karnataka “Skill Connect” virtual job event happened at the beginning of the month, 9 and 10th July. It is the biggest virtual job fair in India, organized by the Department of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and Livelihood of Karnataka State (India).

The proposal of the event was to promote job vacancies and allow candidates to go through the entire evaluation and interviewing process 100% online.

To make this project feasible, the Department of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and Livelihood (SDEL) of Karnataka partnered with imMail. Since imMail is a 100% online stable platform, capable of operating with thousands of simultaneous users. imMail also offers the necessary tools to facilitate communication in events of this magnitude, such as online chats, creation of groups of users and video conferences.

During the event, dozens of international and Indian companies used the imMail to contact thousands of job applicants, perform screening and interview the selected candidates, the process being 100% online.

imMail made possible the managing and execution of the entire online event to be very simple, agile and functional. Basically, it happened as follows: HR managers created chat groups with the pre-selected candidates, and they performed one-on-one interviews using the imMail video conference resource.

“The whole process went well, we didn’t have any problems, we are really happy with the partnership with imMail”, Emphasises Mr. Raj – IT Manager of the Labour Department (Karnataka Government).

The job fair event was a success, promoting the communication between thousands of candidates and dozens of companies.

The expectation for the next months is that imMail strengths the partnership with the Labour Department (Karnataka Government). We have a great potential to positively impact the lives of millions of people“, declares Leonardo Valença, imMail CEO.

“The Government of Karnataka considers the development of skills to be an important aspect. As part of its commitment to the population, especially the youth, the Karnataka Government established KSDC to improve the skills of young people and make them ready for the market”- Mr Ashwin Gowda, MD, KSDC

The imMail technology was used on platform as well.

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