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with Zimbra + imMail you can increase your sales and have happier customers.

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Web and Mobile Chat: Interact with coworkers, customers, and suppliers.

Cloud Drive: Share important information across departments.

Tasks: Organize your to-do list and remind your team of upcoming projects and deadlines.

Video Conference: Collaborate in real time, hosting up to 100 people.

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Increase your revenue
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Stop loss customers to MS and Google
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Bring the user experience around Zimbra to the next level

What our customers say

“For each $1 I sell for Zimbra Email, I can add $2 of imMail

Eduardo Gonçalves – BKTech / Zimbra Partner

“I decided to renew the contract with Zimbra Collaboration Suite because of the integration with imMail

Dieri Silva – IT Analyst  – SUDAM / Zimbra Customer

“Because of imMail, I can now compete against Office 365 and G–Suite in public tenders

Alejandro Lascano – Sales Director  – LINWARE / Zimbra Partner

“imMail was the missing component to enable real-time collaboration in Zimbra”

Carlos Fiuza – IT Analyst – SERPRO / Zimbra Customer

Founded in Canada in 2015, imMail specializes in professional real-time collaboration and messaging

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+ channel partners in NA, LATAM, EMEA and APAC


imMail has a global partnership with Zimbra. Providing our collaboration app as a zimlet to enhance the Zimbra Collaboration Suite user experience.

For many years Zimbra customers have wanted a connected messaging app in Zimbra. Now more than ever during this new era of modern work, it is essential to connect the entire team through a real-time collaboration and messaging app.

With this in mind, imMail has dedicated to creating the best user experience through an imMaill + Zimbra integration.

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