Russian companies to look at – beyond world cup

The World Cup in Russia draws our attention to one important point: we look little at one of the world’s leading economies. As games began, we learned more about the culture, the way of life of Russians and their main cities.

How about seizing the moment to go further? When it comes to entrepreneurship, the country also has a lot to teach us! So, in this article, we list some of the leading startups on the market, created with the best of Russian DNA and ready to conquer the world!

Check out some Russian companies to keep an eye on, far beyond the World Cup period!


Many Brazilians already know and already use Telegram as an alternative to WhatsApp in the exchange of personal instant messages. Few know, however, that their nationality is Russian. The app was developed in 2013 by the founders of VK, Russia’s largest social network – and Facebook’s competitor. It is worth following the next steps of this group, which should bring more news for users in the coming years.


In Russia, when it comes to search engines, Google is merely supporting. Yandex owns 60% of the country’s market and continues to grow and expand operations. Among the solutions offered, there is even a strong competitor for Uber: the Yandex Taxi. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and also has operations in neighboring countries such as Ukraine and Turkey.


This is a very innovative English learning platform, which has Russian nationality, but was also behind the Turkish and… Brazilian market! The online application service has the differential of the initial leveling test and the creation of a teaching program following the user’s own competences and goals. It is worth keeping an eye on the company’s entry into our market!


This list, of course, could not miss a Russian company focused on the theme of the moment in the entrepreneurial ecosystem: the Blockchain. Russian WavesPlataform is a platform that allows users to customize their own cryptocurrency tokens. The goal is to make it easier for users to use Blockchain technology to manage their digital assets more securely.


This is one of the fastest growing companies in Russia in recent years. Under the United Thermo brand and its water and space heating solutions, the company still has a large market to explore in the country and the region. More growth, therefore, should come around!


Russia is not the most prominent country when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to the distance from Silicon Valley, not only geographical but also cultural and political, there is still a strong distrust of international investors about the country. The involvement of Russian hackers in the last US elections certainly reinforced this point.

Nevertheless, experts see great potential in Russia, especially looking at the history of recent years in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. With a highly qualified human capital in science and mathematics and top universities, we must still see a lot of innovation born in this (still) distant country. So, nothing better than following the trend there and learning the Russian way of doing business!