3 Integration Ideas for Telecommuting.

Due to remote work becoming essential for the success of companies, company leaders have had to adopt new styles of management and leadership. This adaption required finding new ways to socialize and communicate, keeping everyone connected while working apart.


To help you integrate your remote teams, here at imMail we put together some tips you can apply so your team may become more productive and united.

Trivia Games

A great method for integrating remote teams is playing trivia games online. Through games, you can ask questions related to current projects being worked on in a dynamic way that your entire team can interact and have fun with.


Discuss Personal Issues

A routine exercise that also works well in companies is creating a defined time to talk about personal issues as a team. This helps creates a collective human perception of the company, empowering teams to understand and support each other better, strengthening their bond as a team.


Hold Face-to-Face Meetings

Companies need to hold scheduled face-to-face meetings with their collaborators, even if it’s only once a year. After all, we are people, and getting to know each other personally allows us to strengthen our union as a team. Being able to put a “face to the name” humanifies the collaborators’ experience. Much of who we are is experienced by others when we interact without barriers. Strengthening the human experience leads to a team feeling more confident and connected.


Try integrating a few of our tips to develop a closer, more dynamic relationship with your team. Break the barriers of remote work, leading to higher levels of productivity and strengthened collaboration.


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