3 Tips to improve the participation of your collaborators.

Since the pandemic has started, the corporate world moved to digital interactions. After a year and a half living in this new world, people are more used to use video conference as the primary tool to run their meetings.


Different than the old presential ones, meetings held by video conference may start with video off and participants receiving desktop notifications from other apps, which contributes to a low engagement session and unproductive meetings.


To help you get more engagement on your video conference sessions, we’ve prepared 3 important tips on how you can have more engaged and productive virtual meetings:


#Tip1 – Turn the camera ON


Before the meeting starts, make sure all participants are in the room with video and mic on. We know that some people don’t like to turn their camera on, but as the moderator of the meeting, you can encourage them to enable his camera to see the person and establish rapport.  Recent research from Masaryk University points out way more engagement rates when the camera is on.


#Tip2 – After the meeting starts, the MIC remains OFF


One of the most terrible things for people who are running a video conference session is when someone with an open MIC hangs up a call from his cellphone or a noisy from a construction taken place across the street. On a video conference session, every tiny noisy grab the attention of the audience, and it’s not unusual the moderator of the session to stop the call and ask: “Someone wants to say something? No? Ah…ok! Let’s move on”. So, moderator, don’t forget, in the beginning of the session to mute everyone else’s mic to guarantee more focus and engagement to your session.


#Tip3 – Don’t forget to send the Meeting minutes


During a video conference session, one of the most important things is to guarantee that the audience heard and understood what was discussed, agreed and approved during the meeting. Because we are normally handling with several tasks at the same time, it’s very important to have someone inside the room responsible to take notes and send the meeting minutes afterwards. This guarantees high engagement levels not only during but also after the meeting.


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