Separating Home and Professional Life While Working Remotely

Remote work and virtuality have become a regular part of our day-to-day lives. Many companies that previously worked in a physical office now have hybrid models or have even implemented remote work as the only model for their collaborators. However, we must remember to safeguard our downtime and not allow work to have 24/7 access. Below are a few tips on keeping your home and professional life separate.


  1. Create a Workspace

Separating our home space from our workspace can be very difficult while working remotely. To help create healthy boundaries around working from home, designate a specific “work only” area for yourself. A place where you can dedicate yourself to work tasks, preferably without encroaching on your home life. This helps us stay focused when it’s time to work but then be able to disconnect to enjoy our time off.


  1. Flexible Work Schedules

To be productive in your remote work it is essential that you can count on a flexible schedule in your working day. This disallows you to enter into a daily monotony of repetitive tasks and activities. To create high levels of productivity, you must respect an outline of work times mixed with a series of breaks to stay sharp and fresh. The key to remote work is to adjust to a new era of modern work and productivity schedules.


  1. Streamline Communication with Your Team 

A key point to be effective and productive in the new era of remote work is to streamline communication with our co-workers. Close and one-to-one communication with our team humanizes our connection, even when you are not physically together. If you have connected communication with your colleagues, you can be a strong team with great results.


However, keep in mind that to effectively separate our home life from our work life, our companies need to provide the necessary tools for collaboration. Companies need to have proper communication tools and systems that are exclusively for professional use. This allows employees to do their job well and provides the necessary separation they need between work and home.


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