Convergence in Teleworking

We are currently under a new working model in our companies. Remote work, or working at home, is here to stay. Thanks to the pandemic, we had very significant advances in flexibility at work and the formalization of virtual work as a new way to be productive in our companies, without the need to move from the place where we live or are temporarily established.


For this reason, it is essential to have a convergence of all our work tools when we are under the modality of remote work. We must have an “all-in-one” productivity and collaboration tools. Below we will give you 4 tips on why it is important to have convergence in our remote work and the fundamentals of having unified and intuitive work tools.


1. Avoid changing work platforms:

It is essential to minimize the amount of virtual platforms used to perform our functions. If we were in face-to-face work, there would be no need to leave our office to perform many of our activities. In remote work, we must apply the same concept. It is essential to have unified platforms with different work tools, allowing us to be much more productive and agile when working remotely or at home.


2. Less likely to forget tasks:

When we have an all-in-one virtual workplace, we are fully connected to each of the tasks and processes we are executing within our daily activities. If we have our work tools unified, it is unlikely that we will forget to do certain tasks orassigned jobs. We don’t have to worry about multiple platforms to meet goals.


3. Union and structured work rhythm with our colleagues:

When all our colleagues and work teams are collaborating under the same convergence of information and platforms we establish unity. It allows us to be connected directly and productively, no matter how far my coworkers may be physically from me. The union and a good structuring of remote work will make our company much more productive than if we were working in person.


4. Separation of personal and professional life:

A very important point of unifing our processes in remote work is to allow all our collaborators to have their personal lives separated from their professional lives. There will be no need to search for personal applications or mix tasks of everyday life to perform professional day-to-day tasks. This is because the company has a single virtual space where its employees can execute their daily tasks without having to go to another platform or place.


These are some tips on why convergence in remote work is essential to exercise our professional activities without affecting our productivity and achieving high levels of satisfaction and happiness for our employees.

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