Estra S.p.A choose imMail to boost productivity

Estra S.p.A.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Prato, Italy, Estra S.p.A. is a utility company that serves the regions of Tuscany and Central Italy. Employing over 1000 people, the company provides an array of services, including the supply and distribution of electricity, natural gas, propane gas, and communications services.

Business Challenge

Estra was searching for a tool to boost their real-time communication around email service., our channel partner in Italy introduced imMail to them as the perfect Zimbra add-on to bring more efficiency to their communication and collaboration process.

“We knew that imMail was the missing component to enable real-time collaboration at Estra S.p.A. So, we didn’t think of other solution when they came out with the demand,” says Roberto Faccenda, Solutions Specialist.


The company has decided to adopt imMail to boost real-time collaboration processes.

“As soon as we adopt imMail as our real-time collaboration tool I perceived the communication among the team and between the departments of the company more fluid and streamlined. It’s a user-friendly tool that has everything we need to have a productive and efficient collaboration at work. “

Francesco Fiume – ESTRA SPA



  1. 1.  Fluid communication across departments and teams.
  2. 2. Efficiency in the communication and collaboration process.



  1. 1. Risk of data leaks once they have migrated its internal communication from apps like WhatsApp to imMail.
  2. 2. Operational costs once imMail empower the anywhere office reality.


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