Greencore Partners with imMail

imMail has a diverse worldwide partner network. Throughout Latin America alone, imMail currently has more than 12 partners who distribute imMail inside and outside of Zimbra. Zimbra is the original mail suite that imMail has integrated with.


One particular Latin America partner has helped us pave the way to bring imMail to one of their Zimbra channel partners in Costa Rica. Our friends at Linware, based in Argentina, have been doing an excellent job marketing imMail to their clients. Linware has focused its strategy on providing all of its Zimbra clients with imMail as an integrated communication and collaboration solution. Their efforts have brought great benefit and value to their clients, allowing their clients to be more productive at a lower cost.


Linware has been eager to expand imMail’s customer base to other countries, leading them to Greencore, one of its distribution channels in Costa Rica. Greencore was on the search for an intuitive collaboration tool, without the high costs of traditional solutions, for their 32 Zimbra cloud subscription clients. imMail was able to offer them a solution that enabled their clients to increase their productivity through our Zimbra integration while still meeting their budget. This allowed Greencore’s clients to access an imMail tab within the Zimbra suite, fulfilling their intuitive collaboration tool needs.


Thanks to the ease and simplicity of imMail’s integration, we now have 32 clients under Greencore management, using imMail on a day-to-day basis to collaborate and communicate quickly and efficiently. imMail has allowed these 32 companies to improve their internal processes while simultaneously cutting costs with a solution that is tailored to their needs.


If you want to know how imMail can help you reduce costs simplistically and efficiently, write to us at One of our experts will contact you shortly to schedule a personalized demo.