High Costs and Reduced Productivity: Every Company’s Greatest Problem

One of the greatest problems around the globe face today is the use of too many applications to accomplish each of their daily activities and collaboration processes.


According to Business Wire, the median employee is currently using an average of 10 apps daily to fulfill their work activities. It is estimated that companies must annually invest approximately $300 per employee for each employee to be adequately equipped with the necessary collaboration tools.


Unfortunately, multiple applications are costing companies more than just their money. The lack of fluid functionality is also greatly reducing overall productivity and operational efficiency. Companies are paying for applications they don’t need or regularly use due to the overlap in functionalities and lack of application integration.


Companies can avoid this massive problem by hiring solutions that integrate seamlessly, boosting their operational efficiency and productivity.


imMail is a communication and collaboration solution that prides itself on integrating business productivity tools all to the same place. With imMail, companies can have all their communication processes on one screen. Thanks to imMail API, companies can integrate other company applications within imMail. Meaning employees only need to enter imMail to have all their necessary tools at hand, boosting workplace productivity while drastically reducing company costs.

If you’d like to hear how imMail can increase seamless collaboration and save your company money email us at sales@immail.ca. One of our experts will help guide you through the process.