How to avoid WhatsApp to affect your productivity at work

Today and after the pandemic, we have had to get used to working remotely. Being in a different environment than where we used to work, there are many distractions that can directly influence our productivity and performance in our daily activities within the company.

One of the main distractors today is the use of WhatsApp. As is known, this application is essential for daily communication with our family and friends. However, it causes great levels of distraction and affects work productivity. Furthermore, many companies and people use WhatsApp to communicate with their colleagues in the company and discuss labor issues there. This causes much higher levels of unproductivity due to the mixture of the work and personal world in the same application.

Regarding what was mentioned before, and seeking that people like you can have fewer distractions with WhatsApp at work and increase their productivity, we have summarized some strategies that can be useful to solve this problem

  1. Try to Silence all notifications during business hours: Almost all phones nowadays allow you to block notifications from a specific application for a certain time. It is recommended that you define what your working hours are to silence all the notifications that come to you on WhatsApp. This will allow you not to be distracted when someone writes to you, and you will only check the application in your free time and when you go to see purely personal topics.
  2. Take advantage of moments without a lot of workloads for creative ideas: Usually when we have spaces with little workload, the first thing we do is pick up our cell phone and check our WhatsApp. This practice totally blurs us from our goals and tasks at work. A strategy that will help us to be much more productive is to use these spaces with little workload, to think of ideas and new methods or solutions that help improve my work objectives. For example, we can brainstorm with ourselves to see improvements in daily processes that we have in our work. This will allow us to be much more productive in each of our tasks.
  3. Look for professional communication tools: Many times, distractions on WhatsApp occur because we also communicate with our co-workers there. To solve this, there are several professional communication tools, which ensure that all the information that is exchanged there is protected. Likewise, you can have much more fluid communication processes with your co-workers. You will know that any notification that arrives in these applications during working hours will be purely for work-related issues.

We hope that these strategies can help you to distance yourself less on WhatsApp and thus you can increase your productivity. If you want to know about imMail and how you can have all your professional communication centralized in the same place. Do not hesitate to contact us at