How to protect the documents and information of your company?

Safeguarding corporate information and documents is essential in companies.

Today, the issue of information protection and having backup copies of all corporate documentation is essential in corporations. Ponemon Instutite estimates that in one year on average companies lose between 3 and 4 million dollars due to the loss of valuable information and lack of back-ups in their documents. That is why we want to talk about this problem and how it can be solved within your company.

The topic of information security and backing everything up in the cloud has become very relevant in recent years. Companies are now being forced to seek business solutions that allow their employees to safeguard all the documentation they generate on a day-to-day basis. Likewise, the general European data protection law (GDPR) obliges them to ensure that all private information generated by the company, whether it is from the employees themselves or external, must be protected and safeguarded. This is why you must take into account the following practices so that your information does not leak from the company and you do not have losses or fines derived from this problem.

Define a Corporate Drive for the entire company

It is essential for all companies to have a corporate drive to protect all the documents that are generated on a day-to-day basis. Likewise, policies must be established so that all file folders are saved in this Drive. No matter if the equipment is lost or stolen. Information will always be protected in the cloud or the company’s servers. There are several solutions on the market that fulfill this function, and have high security protocols for the protection of information.

Use professional communication systems

A very important point to be able to comply with the information security regulations is to have professional communication applications within the company (Mail, chat, videoconference, tasks … etc). One of the big problems that companies face is using personal applications for communication among collaborators. This is where most of the fleeting information occurs. For this reason. It is necessary to establish policies where only the official tools of the company are used to communicate between collaborators, and if possible, with external parties.

As companies we must establish information security pillars based on the two aforementioned topics. With that we will considerably reduce the loss of data from the company. At imMail we have a corporate Drive solution integrated into the professional instant messaging application for companies. If you want to know how imMail can help your company protect itself from data loss and leakage, contact us at