How Your Company Can Take Advantage of On-Premise Facilities

Today, we want to talk about on-premise facilities and how many companies still prefer to install applications and solutions on their personal infrastructure. First, we must understand the concept of on-premise, how it is applied, and the benefits it brings to companies.

On-Premise Facilities

An on-premise facility is when companies utilize their own infrastructure to install company applications or software. They’re fully customized facilities where companies choose their levels of security, infrastructure, storage, and ways of use. It allows your company to have total control over its information. Giving unique levels of security and allowing them to have complete control over the use of company applications.

3 On-Premise Facility Uses

1. Advanced Customizable Levels of Security

One of the main uses of an on-premise facility is the heightened layers of security protecting applications hosted there. Many companies such as banks or government entities need tailored levels of security that cloud solutions do not offer.


2. Controlled Company Network Environments

A key component when using on-premise facilities is the control over company applications. When installed into their infrastructure, companies can specify networks their collaborators can access and the tools used by the company. The majority of company information cannot be accessed from outside the company’s facility, safeguarding sensitive company data.


3. Design Unique Company Applications and Functionalities

On-premise facilities allow applications to be uniquely developed within the company’s own network environment. This allows the company to block tools or limit access to certain functionalities that they normally would not be able to within the cloud. Applications can also be modified to accommodate the specific needs of the company.


These are some uses and advantages that your company can experience through on-premise facilities. At imMail, we can install our professional collaboration and messaging tool as an on-premise facility. Want to know how we can help your company increase productivity and security through an on-premise facility? Enter the following link, and one of our experts will be in touch with you soon: CLICK HERE