imMail and its implementation in Grupo Romher

Since 2020 imMail has been working with Grupo Romher. Grupo Romher is a company that distributes food and basic goods for people. Since 2019 they had been looking for professional communication solutions for their company, since they were using WhatsApp as the main communication solution.

By using WhatsApp at Grupo Romher, they were not having any control over all the information that was being generated on a day-to-day basis. Many of the processes were not being documented causing operational inefficiencies for the company.

This is why in mid-2020 through Innoven IT, one of our imMail partners. We brought this opportunity to be worked together with imMail, seeking to bring our business communication and collaboration solution to Grupo Romher.

imMail was the best solution according to the needs that Grupo Romher had at that time. They wanted to be able to centralize all their sales processes in the same place, having efficient communication and being able to create corporate folders for each of the areas that are integrated to Grupo Romher’s business processes. Likewise, it was essential to be able to have control over all the information that was being generated in WhatsApp, and was not being used to improve each of the processes.

Furthermore, Grupo Romher had lost the productivity of its collaborators due to the excessive use of the corporate telephone to communicate with his friends and family.

Taking into account the above, and seeking to solve all the problems that existed within Grupo Romher. imMail and Innoven IT decided that our solution was the one that best suited the needs of the company. We were able to install imMail to 142 company employees, managing to standardize all company communication in the same professional application.

Thanks to the installation of imMail, policies were established to stop using WhatsApp as a business communication application. All communication and collaboration processes now take place in imMail. This has allowed to raise the productivity levels of the 142 collaborators of Grupo Romher. At the same time all the company´s information is protected in the cloud and can be used by the company to improve its internal processes.

In few timw, thanks to our partner Innoven IT, we were able to take Grupo Romher’s productivity to another level through imMail.

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