imMail Integrations

imMail is an excellent platform specialized in remote work, productivity and professional communication. We offer the best professional tools that allow companies like yours to have efficient automated workflow processes inside and outside of imMail.


imMail offers APIs that allow us to integrate our application into external tools for your company. Through external application integrations, your company can unify different collaborative processes within imMail. They can also automate many manual functions performed outside of imMail, saving you the time and hassle of operating multiple apps. You can use imMail to manage all its functions or even integrate our video conferencing to an external tool of your choice. We mainly use two types of APIs, imMail Chat API and imMail Video Conferencing API.


imMail Chat API

With our imMail Chat API, companies can automate any process from imMail chats or groups. Companies can automatically send files, messages, notifications or alerts from external applications. For example, you can automatically send all your collaborators their payroll invoices to a chat in imMail. They can also utilize external programs to store information and data sent in chats. The imMail Chat API allows chats to be a focal information exchange, where systems interconnect and perform operational tasks automatically.


 imMail Video Conferencing API

At imMail, we present the possibility for companies to integrate our videoconference into other external applications that companies have. We know that many times our clients have online care systems, support or virtual consulting. With the imMail videoconferencing API, we allow these virtual service systems to have a direct video call channel through our imMail video conference. For example, we have a client who uses an online consulting platform between doctors and patients. Through our videoconferencing API, doctors and patients can make video call queries on the company’s consulting platform without having to open imMail or the need to download our imMail Meet app.


imMail is more than just a stand-alone application for communication and business collaboration. We are truly committed to the unification of all business processes, aiding your company to operate to its best ability. We help our clients to be more productive and efficient by utilizing their current applications and merging them with our tools, creating the ultimate productivity solution.


Want to know how our imMail APIs can help your company to be more efficient and save costs through process automation? Click the following link and one of our productivity experts will contact you.