Moodle Integrates with imMail Meet

Today Moodle is one of the most widely used online education platforms globally. Its flexibility in customizations, in addition to its open-source model, has allowed many public and private institutions to use Moodle as a training tool for students, teachers, and collaborators.


As a learning solution, Moodle has many tools that allow institutions to adopt this solution for the courses they want to teach on the platform. It has several resources and activities to create a dynamic learning environment for users within the platform. However, there is no native video conference within Moodle that allows online classes between students and teachers. A fundamental feature that is not fully developed in Moodle, many customers resorted to external solutions to cover this need.



All solutions are found by discovering and solving the customer’s problem. Without a video conference application of its own, many of Moodle’s clients used expensive solutions such as Zoom, which require both students and teachers to leave Moodle to conduct their virtual classes.



imMail developed an integration so Moodle users could remain 100% within the platform, no longer needing to switch applications to attend virtual classes. An in-house integration with imMail grants teachers full customization control and the ability to moderate their videoconference rooms.


Moodle administrators can define specific configurations of the imMail Meet plug-in to best serve their institution’s needs. The Moodle + imMail Meet integration was developed by recognizing the need for cost savings and streamlining the process for virtual classes and meetings. Moodle + imMail Meet users can save up to 50% of their costs and boost their productivity when compared to utilizing other video conferencing solutions. By keeping all your communication tools in one platform, imMail can save you time and money.


At imMail, we seek to continual streamline professional and educational processes. With this new integration, we take another step towards a more efficient and productive collaboration and corporate communication tool.


Want to know how imMail Meet can be integrated into your Moodle classroom to streamline your virtual classes? Visit HERE One of our experts will be in touch soon!