Productivity at work: 3 simple tips to apply to your day

I know, you are tired of being interrupted throughout your day by people that are not interested in what are you doing. And that demands your immediate attention and this ends up messing up somehow your work productivity.

More and more information is generated and shared, your attention is the most precious asset that people and companies can have. With some many things demanding your attention, you end up saying yes to something you should say no. And no to something that you should say yes. At the end of the day, you feel more time unproductive.

The question we ask is: How to concentrate on what I need to do and become more productive? In a world that on every moment something is demanding my attention?

We set aside here 2 tips that will help you concentrate on what you need to do, therefore you will feel more productive at the end of the day.

Tip 1 – Separate the personal from the professional conversations 

Taken by the personal message apps, we end up letting our personal life to mix with work. It looks cool, but this is a trap against our productivity. According to research from Career Builder, 75% of companies say that employees lose from 2 to 3 hours a day distracted with personal matters in their cell phones every day

Many times, this is initiated when you receive a message from a client on WhatsApp, but when you open the app, you see that your soccer group is full of new messages and emojis about your team’s last game. You can even look at your client’s message first, but for sure you will stop to see what’s going on on the soccer group later.

To separate your personal from your professional life is the first step for whoever desires to be more productive.

Tip 2 – Turn off notifications from apps that steal your productivity

The smartphone’s notification was a beautiful invention so that we could have access to more information in less time.

On the other hand, when we talk about apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, it can be a villain to our work productivity, simply because it awakens our curiosity senses.

If you were able to migrate your professional communication to apps specific focused on this like Teams, Slack, or imMail, the tip is that you leave only the notifications of your professional communication apps turned on. This way, when you get a notification, you will know that it is something related to work and that it needs to be answered.

Tip 3 – To organize your daily tasks in priority order will help improve your productivity at work

As said by Peter Drucker, you can’t manage something you can’t measure. So, how do you know if you are being productive if you don’t list and organize the tasks you need to do throughout the day?

List your tasks and organize them in priority order marking at the end of the day what you were able to finish, this way you will be able to measure your work productivity and manage your time better.

Register your tasks in a system where you are able to revisit and reorganize them. This will help you to not forget that task you needed to finish yesterday but for some reason you weren’t able to finish it.

And, talking about task management, in the next few days, imMail will make available functionality of Task Management to help its users to be more productive based on a conversational perspective.

It’s worth to check it out! 😉


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