Silicon Valley lessons for brazilian business

It is hard not to look at what happens in this region of the world with admiration. Silicon Valley, located in California, is the birthplace and residence of innovative technology companies ahead of their time. There are units from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Intel, among many others that develop solutions that transform our lives.

But it is not just technological resources that are developed there. Today, many entrepreneurs and business managers in so many other areas seek inspiration in Silicon Valley when it comes to management. There are new methodologies for people management, strategic management, goal design, product creation and more. All to make companies even more efficient, creative and of course profitable!

Check out some of the key lessons that may be helpful to the reality of your business!

1. Fall in love with the problem, not the solution

Ok, you can be very successful developing an application or a system. As long as you are really connected to the problem it will solve. This teaching is basic. If you start a business with the solution in mind, you may lose relevance or even become outdated.

It is no coincidence that many Silicon Valley companies are reinventing themselves, developing new solutions and even testing new markets. If you think about Uber, for example, solving the problem of locomotion in big cities is the main focus – either through ride-sharing or autonomous cars.


Here in Brazil most entrepreneurs are ashamed to be recognized for their mistakes and for their business that did not go forward. In Silicon Valley, the thinking is very different. Failure is part of the process and even makes managers better prepared to deal with new challenges.

Therefore, if you have had a startup that has not gone ahead, chances are that you will be a more recognized professional and even receive investments for a new venture.


Silicon Valley didn’t always have all this fame. On the contrary, New York and Boston were far more attractive and well-developed places for technology start-ups around the 1950s. The California region lacked the infrastructure, capital, talent, and research to evolve.

Until the arrival of Fairchild Semiconductor, which became the world’s largest chip company after settling in Silicon Valley – which began to attract many other technology companies to its surroundings.

What does this prove? Which technology companies can develop anywhere. Of course, working in a country that encourages entrepreneurship helps a lot…


We have already said that the important thing is to fall in love with the problem, not the solution. This brings another important teaching, update always. When it comes to technology, innovation is part of the essence of the company. But not only if your business has this focus. After all, technology today is part of any market, dictating how people relate to brands and consume products or services. Maintaining a constant update mindset, therefore, is key to staying relevant in the marketplace.


The last lesson we left in this article is: don’t be afraid of networking. But here we are talking about real relationships, opening up the company’s practices and strategies so bluntly and, of course, being able to absorb the same kind of experience from other businesses.

In Silicon Valley, as much as there is a lot of secrecy about products and services developed, many experiences are shared among entrepreneurs, allowing a more innovative environment to develop as a whole.


We well know that the reality is very different for those starting a company in Silicon Valley or in the Brazilian market. This does not mean, however, that there are no practices that can be incorporated into our entrepreneurial environment. Looking at what has been successful abroad allows us to adapt and tropicalize the best teachings that can lead to success in Tupiniquin lands!

Do you know any other Silicon Valley practice or lesson that may be adopted by Brazilian companies? Leave your comment on this article!