Welcome to Netnovation, our new Channel Partner in LATAM

imMail and Netnovation from Venezuela form an alliance to bring imMail to Zimbra clients in Venezuela.

In the last year imMail has been expanding its real-time collaboration solution in emerging countries around the world. Understanding the current market and customer needs. imMail has been working with Zimbra distributors in Latin America, who see imMail as the perfect complement to be able to increase the value proposition that they currently offer in the Zimbra mail suite.

This is the case of the alliance between Netnovation and imMail. Which seeks to expand imMail in Zimbra clients in Venezuela, this being a market with extraordinary potential to bring our solution to Venezuelan companies.

“Currently in Latin America we have more than 10 Zimbra allies that distribute imMail, we saw that in Venezuela there was a great opportunity to expand our solution to companies that use Zimbra. This is why we started looking for Zimbra allies in Venezuela that could leverage our growth in this territory. In the end Netnovation as Zimbra’s strongest ally in Venezuela was the ideal partner we were looking for to develop our business and bring imMail to Venezuelan companies”, says Juan Camilo Areiza, imMail Territory Manager for Latin America.

Venezuela has experienced in the last year an economic recovery in all sectors of the economy. Dollarization has allowed many Venezuelan companies to have sustained growth and strengthen their operations for the future. Thanks to this economic recovery, the issue of digital transformation has become a number one priority for companies in Venezuela, which look to distributors like Netnovation for their ideal partner to accompany the implementation of new technology solutions like imMail. This is why our imMail – Netnovation business alliance comes at the perfect time for the Venezuelan market and its current needs.

“In Netnovation our main interest is that our clients can count on solutions that facilitate their daily work with the implementation of our allies’ products. We have been able to maintain this premise with Zimbra, Proxmox, Endian and VoIP solutions.

In this year 2022 we have a new alliance with ImMail, which will allow us to increase the corporate communications of our clients.

ImMail is a chat and videoconference solution that works both stand-alone and integrated to the Zimbra server, allowing easy communication and presence both with the work team and with people outside the company. After many tests, we have seen that ImMail efficiently adapts to the requirements we have for communications, both internal and external, allowing videoconferences without errors, with an adjusted use of resources, multi-users and these benefits are obtained by our clients when using the platform both in Zimbra as stand-alone in its mobile clients or its web platform. We are excited that ImMail is part of our offering and we can count on your team and solution. For Netnovation, being able to have ImMail as a communication tool is to enhance the facilities of our clients.” Concludes Eduardo Vitols, CEO of Netnovation.

Welcome Netnovation to our imMail Partner Network, we hope to achieve great results with you, bringing imMail to companies in Venezuela.

If you want to know how you can be an imMail partner, or you are interested in our collaboration and communication solution in real time, write to us at sales@immail.ca and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.