Your Company’s Security Checklist

Today’s world heavily relies on technology and digital environments. As companies, we store much of our information in digital environments on the network. Due to our technology dependence, our priority for data and information protection must shift to being seen as a fundamental strategic pillar within our companies. Today, we here at imMail want to give you our top 4 tips to help outline your security checklist to protect your company’s information.


1) Have security protocols on private networks and internet connections. 


It is important to establish security configurations for each internet connection collaborators use, including both company and personal devices. Most are aware that certain information cannot leave the company’s environment, and by defining clear, well-defined security protocols, everyone’s information can be kept safe. Limiting the exchange of internal and external data is fundamental to protecting your company’s information. 



2) Invest in a process management software. 


To protect all the information your company is generating, use a business system to manage the company’s processes and projects. These professional tools allow companies to have all their data protected in a secure and organized manner. Avoiding possible data leaks due to disorganized chains of processes. 



3) Solely use corporate communication tools. 


Most companies are exposed to a data leak when their employees use personal communication tools to exchange information on work-related topics. This is why your company must collaborate only through a professional communication tool, where they can exchange information and data without the risk of a breach.  



4) Upload company information to the cloud. 


By uploading your company’s data, system processes, projects, etc. to the cloud, you can prevent data loss through computer attacks or loss/theft of work equipment. Your company may have the peace of mind that its data is protected 24/7 by a private or reputable third-party cloud solution. Implementing cloud storage as a company policy will streamline the protective process over continually generated data. 


Here at imMail, we have a professional solution to help you feel confident in your company’s information and data protection. Our all-in-one collaboration platform keeps all your information in one secure place. Easy for you and your team to access while keeping potential threats out.


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-The imMail Team