4 tips on how to promote assertive communication in your company!

Assertive communication is an important and necessary competence for professional interaction. It is one of the most requested characteristics, because assertivity enhances the way people communicate and relate with each other. This communication model guides employees to expose their thoughts in a clear, objective and straightforward way, so that the message is easily understood.

This positive communication practice develops employees’ motivation and mental and professional balance in the workplace. Thus, the corporate environment becomes appropriate to the development of productivity.

In this article we will highlight the differential that assertive communication can bring to your company. Read on!

1. Speak at the right moment

Dialogue is a mutual conversation, that is a fact! However, for it to be understood among the participants, it is essential to conduct it with “respect”.

The exchange of information must happen alternately so that the ones involved can listen, understand and reply. Respect happens when you understand the importance of speech.

Within an organization, verbal communication is the most used means among team members, thus it must be developed and conducted with clarity so it is understood. Assertive communication only happens when the message is delivered at the right moment and when it has the possibility to be positively absorbed by the receiver. Therefore, it is important to know the right time to present your ideas and opinions.

2. Demonstrate understanding

Speaking, listening and understanding – this tripod is essential for the comprehension of the shared subject. It is right to say that this understanding is the main objective of an interaction, as it is from there that situations will materialize.

Assertive communication involves speaking and making yourself understood. Therefore, communicating is not just talking. An assertive speech is done by using the right tone, with respect, without imposing your idea, using appropriate gestures and keeping eye contact with the interlocutor, and explaining the subject in a clear and objective manner.

After applying appropriate communication practices, the feedback (response) from the person you are talking to is essential. The other person must demonstrate an understanding of the subject addressed in the dialogue and reply with spoken words and body language (posture, hands movement, eye contact).

Demonstrating understanding is a respectful attitude towards the person who is communicating with you. Thus the other person understands that there is no need to repeat her words and that the information was well absorbed.

3. Have a knowledge basis to support your message

Achieving the ability to speak assertively is not that easy, depending on the subject being addressed. Even in a dialogue within the company, it is important to communicate properly and knowledge is the main factor that makes you feel secure while communicating.

Having a knowledge basis means that you can discuss and talk about a specific subject with confidence. Researching, watching news, studying, are means to obtain new information and to be able to communicate appropriately about a specific subject. In an organization, employees and managers who practice assertive communication contribute to employees motivation and involvement in all the organization processes.

4. Use apps specialized in corporate communication

Communication between different departments is essential for a work to happen smoothly. Implementing assertive communication can impact the internal environment and the productivity of your successful team and your company.

The development of an institution depends on excellent planning, efficient administration, employees’ good practices and above all, on all the investments done to enhance the organization and transform it into an innovative company with a prospect of success.

Therefore, it is undeniable that the institution’s services need to be performed through applications that use realities of the modern world and that can develop assertive communication. This aims to improve the relationship among group members, promoting productivity.

How imMail can promote assertive communication?

The imMail app features a messaging manager different from other instant messaging applications. This solution can be implemented in your IT environment, speeding up your internal communication in a safe way for your organization.

The use of imMail allows data security control and monitoring to follow the company’s standards, being quite different from using WhatsApp. This is because when using WhatsApp, it is not possible to track the destination of your data, the people who have access to important organizational information and where this information is shared.

Another benefit of imMail is that personal chats are separated from corporate conversation. Interactions on professional matters through traditional apps might put the corporation at risk.

Here is an example of a conversation using traditional instant messaging apps:

“Hi John, could you please log in into the finance account and let me know the total balance sheet for last year? The password is AS1942. But don’t pass this password on to anyone! Thank you.”

imMail has a variety of features, such as native integration for video conferences. This function provides high security to the organization and protects all dialogues, images of meetings and other activities carried out.

imMail is highly recommended for professionals, such as doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and others who previously performed face-to-face appointments, and nowadays, due to social isolation, need to provide service to clients and patients online, through video conferences. The task manager is another feature of imMail that allows you to schedule appointments and meetings.

The person can turn a chat conversation into an activity to be executed by herself or delegate it to another team member. For example: User1 “Hi Josh! We need you to generate the XYZ report for Monday at 10am”.

This conversation can become an activity in the task manager. imMail will remind the person to execute it, when it is done, the person who created the task will be automatically notified that the task is completed. It is not necessary to have other resources or send messages to people informing them of the conclusion of a task, imMail does everything for you!

These are some of the reasons why it is so important to have assertive communication in your organization. But, for this to happen, it is essential to use appropriate resources. Applications are specialized tools that promote this communication and provide several benefits, such as agility in interaction, data security, separation of personal and professional conversations, tasks management and many other features.

Have you ever heard about assertive communication before? Do you think it would help your company to perform better and be more efficient? We have more valuable information for you.

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