Top 3 Tips to Increase Participation in Videoconferences

Today, virtuality, remote work, and meetings have become a part of our new reality. Business collaboration platforms have become and will continue to be a part of our lives. It is difficult to imagine a future without these tools, as the pandemic has revolutionized our professional lives and enabled us to work from anywhere on any device.

An essential component of collaboration platforms is the video conferencing tool, used regularly to connect with our work colleagues in our day-to-day. However, videoconferences can become tedious and monotonous. Today we want to deliver you the top tips to promote more efficient and productive videoconferences for you and your team.

Before a Videoconference:

  • Get comfortable in a quiet, distraction-free place with good ventilation and lighting.
  • Preferably have all participants turn their cameras on to promote direct communication.
  • Define topics to be presented and discussed before starting the meeting. This will help keep you on task and boost productivity.

Take Active Breaks:

  • Stop for a glass of water or coffee break during longer meetings.
  • Get up from your chair and do some stretches to refresh your posture.
  • Check in on the participants and reconnect the attention of your team.

Videoconference Follow-Up:

  • Generate a report of the topics discussed and the tasks assigned to each of the participants. This allows you to properly track projects and summarize the meeting notes.
  • Define a date and time to evaluate the topics and activities that were agreed upon in the videoconference.
  • Take a break after your meeting to clear your mind before returning to the routine of your workday.


These tips are excellent for having a more enjoyable and productive video conference meeting. We know that it can be very exhausting to spend hours in front of the screen, talking and listening to our co-workers.

However, there are many alternatives to improve our disposition and results with virtuality.


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